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  Brendan Felton 

Owner - Quinta Prio Mendes


My Mission:

Through Naturopathy and Massage Therapies,  I aim to empower people with a better sense of well being and vitality. I have 20+years experience in both Naturopathy and Sport(Tennis & Golf). I currently work to fund this project within the construction industry in the UK

My Method:

With specialised hand techniques and using your body for leverage, Thai yoga massage will elongate, re-align and re-energise your entire body. Nourshing food and cleansing will help you loose the excess weight and feeling of bloatedness.


I started studying and practising complementary therapies in 1995  in Cape Town and continued my studies in London and Thailand.

Therapies include:

Reflexology and meridian therapy - Cape Town

Traditional Thai massage - Thailand

Intermediate/advanced acupressure - Thailand

Manual lymphatic drainage - London

Iridology - London

Currently I operate between London and Portugal.


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